Hosted by Chet Mozloom of The Lands at Hillside Farms, Plowing Forward gives a pragmatic approach to sustainability. Expect candid conversations on what helps or hurts our chances for a better future.

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Animal Welfare and Agricultural Buzzwords such as organic foods, regenerative soil, and greenwashing vs practice from a farmer's perspective

Season 1, Episode 11
Guest: Mike and Liz Krug, Fullers Overlook Farm (Waverly, PA)

Mike and Liz Krug, Fullers Overlook Farm (Waverly, PA) describe how the distribution of food from small farms helps communities. What does animal welfare and organic food mean? The different agricultural buzzwords and how they are practiced.

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The Effects of Fracking in Local Communities

Season 1, Episode 10
Guest: Scott Cannon, Advisor of Action Together NEPA and Owner of Video Innovations

Scott Cannon (Plymouth, PA) An anti-fracking advisor for Action Together NEPA and Owner, Video Innovations discusses: the problems with local-fracking and how it has taken over the Wyoming Valley over the past 10 years; despite the area's still visible pollution from anthracite coal mining that went on for almost 200 years. Also legislative issues regarding natural gas and renewable energy, and how he's looking to change that using his own commercial & corporate video production background.

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Tyson Foods and Sustainable Chicken Practices

Season 1, Episode 9
Guest: Karen Christensen, Senior Director of Animal Welfare at Tyson Foods

Karen Christensen, Senior Director of Animal Welfare at Tyson Foods is well versed with a strong passion for chickens and animal welfare. Holding multiple degrees in animal science, animal welfare, and a PhD in Poultry Physiology is always wanting to learn more to benefit the birds and apply that knowledge to the poultry industry. She explains how the Tyson chicken you buy at the grocery store has gone through great lengths to make sure the chickens are raised sustainably and happy in their environment. Asking the birds what they like in terms of enrichment, lighting, bedding, food, then back that up with science by monitoring their behavior in a variety of ways.

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Protecting the Land

Season 1, Episode 8
Guest: Ellen Feretti, North Branch Land Trust (Dallas, PA)

Ellen Feretti, North Branch Land Trust (Dallas, PA) explains what is a land trust? Why they are important for land conservation: animals, fauna, and agricultural soil. How this impacts us and why someone would want to put their property in one.

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Getting Outside and the Importance of Family Farms

Season 1, Episode 7
Guest: Tom Venesky, Outdoors Reporter: Citizens Voice Newspaper, Lancaster Farming, Hook and Barrel Magazine, Pennsylvania Outdoors

The importance of the Outdoors: how it develops the imagination, growth, and fascination with nature connects people. The pressure of agriculture and family farms.

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All About CBD

Season 1, Episode 6
Guest: Andy Loughney, Co-Owner of Bravo Botanicals

Crafting organic hemp and CBD oils, focusing on the cannabis plant using regenerative agriculture with emphasis on soil heath. How healthy robust soil and CBD can create a healthy impact on our bodies.

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Watershed History: How PA Clean Streams Act of 1937 was the foundation for future clean water laws

Season 1, Episode 5
Guest: Bernie McGurl, Executive Director at Lackawanna River Conservation Association

The importance of watersheds for our environment. Pennsylvania was a pioneer of cleaning up waterways; The Clean Streams Act of 1937 was the template that led to the creation of The Clean Water Act of 1972.

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What is sustainable investing and how it can impact the environment?

Season 1, Episode 4
Guest: Robert Stanley, Financial Consultant at Community Investment Services

The different types of sustainable investing. E.S.G. Environmental, Social, Government. How investing in companies can change the way that corporations and manufacturers impact the environment.

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Regenerative Farming and the importance of topsoil

Season 1, Episode 3
Guest: Donna Kilpatrick, Heifer Ranch

The benefits of regenerative farming movement, rotational grazing, and diversity. With these new regenerative techniques, we can jump-start the creation of new topsoil that will be key to ending the climate crisis.

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Food Dignity Movement

Season 1, Episode 2
Guest: Clancy Harrison, MS, RDN Founder of the Food Dignity Movement

Food Dignity Movement is about dignifying and respecting everyone, no matter their situation, and trying to normalize and remove the stigma about asking for help regarding food insecurity. It can happen to anyone, no matter the car you drive, a lot of time it is only a temporary need until they get back on their feet.

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All About Watersheds: Why we should care about protecting local water resources

Season 1, Episode 1
Guest: John Levitsky, Watershed Specialist, Luzerne Conservation District

Why we should care about protecting local streams and rivers and how it affects us. MS4/Stormwater fees, rain tax, stormwater utility fees, and floodwater issues of Luzerne County.

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